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Custom:hairy pussy fetish masturbation

Custom:hairy pussy fetish masturbation

The order : Focus is Teasing with your hairy bush in various POSES. NO insertions, no spreading pussy open. Wear big black framed glasses for Nerdy look! Topless & Bare Feet whole video. Hair in 2 pigtails. I love when girls itch/rub/wipe their nose – can you do that? Light colored Panties, Light colored Shorts, Bikini Bottom (light colored) Scene 1-wearing Light panties only, Lay in bed, blanket covers entire body but face. Sit up, stare at camera, yawn, stretch, pull covers off, to reveal entire body • Do the rub nose thing a few times, At this point only wearing panties - sitting up in bed, Reach over to night stand & put on glasses, sit up against head board or on edge of bed, Pull both legs up close to your body to create a nice crotch shot of panties - & reveal your hair extended outside of panties. Eyes stare direct at camera with nice sexy look while doing all this. Open & close legs slowly, then just leave them open for a minute. Scene 2- wearing Light shorts or some type of gym shorts (no panties), Topless, barefoot - Sit on chair or bench, or floor & again pull up your legs to reveal “tease shot” of crotch and visible bush extending outside the shorts. Do the nose itch several times too, Open & close legs slowly, then just leave them open for a bit. Scene 3 – wearing a bikini bottom, Topless, barefoot. Lay on floor on your back; camera shoots from your feet level - Camera will focus on looking between your legs laying down, Open your legs & close them several times slowly. Then leave them open to reveal an awesome view of your hair outside the bottoms Sit up, bring your legs towards you to reveal that awesome crotch shot & hair. Stare sexily & smile & do the nose rub thing. Scene 4 – fully nude on sofa or bed on knees to expose your ass & ass crack with hair bulging out. Get in position to show your beautiful hairy ass crotch – stay in this position so I can stare and fantasize on how pretty it is (no opening your hole or anything – just the hairy ass crotch. Roll to other side to Tease me with your full bush - Lay there with legs open a teeny bit for a while, then gradually open all the way and stay like that. Do the nose run / itch too! LAST part - Camera zooms in and you do open up pussy to reveal that large clit. Can you rub it to orgasm & spread the cum between your thumb & index fingers - open and close them to show the cum, smile, wave, blow a kiss.
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